Senior Living Options

Customized Senior Care

Hampton Manor of Montrose, MI provides senior care options which can be further tailored to a resident’s individual needs. Our residents enjoy a welcoming atmosphere where they can maintain the independence they like while having access to the amenities and services they enjoy. Take a look at our options to learn more about what best suits your family’s needs.


Independent Living

Apartments designed for seniors who want to live a lifestyle free from the worries of home maintenance, meal planning, and security. Lead the independent life you enjoy, while having the additional help you want.

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Assisted Living

Hampton Manor is full of amenities, scheduled events/programs and excursions giving residents an array of activities to join in. From housekeeping and meals to hygiene and healthcare, we enable our residents to lead lives joyous and abundant lives.

Finding the right senior services for a loved one can feel like a daunting task, one made even more difficult by the complexity of aid programs and fi­nancing options available.

At Hampton Manor, we offer care consulting to help families navigate through these options and develop indi­vidualized care programs tailored to a residents/­families specific needs. By offering a variety of cus­tomizable services, we can properly care for both you and your loved one. You are not alone, we are here to help. To begin, reach out to one of our senior care service providers.

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Discover an enriched lifestyle at Hampton Manor with thoughtfully curated amenities fostering comfort, convenience, and community. With events and activities, we prioritize your well-being. Experience exceptional care at Hampton Manor – contact us today and let’s embark on this vibrant senior living journey together.

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